Your home probably didn’t suffer as much from snow this year as it did from wind, but here are a few things to think about as we get into warmer weather.

Have your roof inspected. This is especially important after the terrible wind storms we had recently. A free inspection could save you from the problems that could occur if you wait until you notice a leak.

If you notice any ceiling stains, check for leaks. Fix the leak and then seal the stain with a sealer/primer and apply a coat or two of paint.

Check your storm doors and screens. Look for bent or broken hinges, frames or edges. If there is not much damage you can repair the door. If there’s a lot of damage, you may want to replace it. Inspect your screens for holes before you replace the glass panels.

Does your driveway need to be resealed? Water freezing in little cracks can turn them into big cracks.

Your deck may need to be pressured washed and resealed as well.

Winter is hard on fences, too. Repair or replace any loose slats or rot on your fences. Use epoxy to patch up any worn wood.

Expansion and contraction can cause openings that will let April rains seep in. Seal it up by applying exterior caulk to leak-prone areas like windows and areas of the siding where walls join together.

Turn on outside faucets and hoses to ensure water is still running as it should; if you can stop the flow with your thumb, the water pressure may be too low and a pipe inside your home may need to be fixed.

Keep in mind that your home owner’s insurance covers damage caused by storms but it does not cover ordinary wear and tear. Some insurances won’t even cover water damage if it could have been prevented by proper maintenance.

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