It’s that time of year and a lot of our clients have kids going off to college. Of course, they need to furnish and decorate their dorm room.

Here are six tips to help you decorate a dorm on a budget:

  • First, find out what the rules are.There are certain items that are not permitted and these
  • Don’t duplicate expensive, shareable items.If you are going to have a roommate, see what they are bringing. One of you could provide a microwave while the other brings a mini fridge.
  • Beg, Borrow or, well, please, don’t steal.You probably have friends or family members that have some of the items you need and who would be willing to part with them for free or at least cheap.
  • Recycle or Repurpose. There are plenty of websites with ideas on refurbishing old furniture and creating decorations. Check your local thrift stores for used furniture that just needs a little tender loving care.
  • Comparison shopping.There are some things you will want to buy new. But check out prices at several stores before you buy. There are several apps to help you compare prices.
  • No holes or paint. Most schools don’t allow holes in the wall or painting the room. Use command strips and Washi tape to decorate.
  • Your student’s belonging are probably covered under your home owner policy but check with your agent to be sure.

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