Winter. Some people love it (not me, but some people do.) It’s bad enough that you have to get up earlier because getting to work is going to take longer but, if you don’t have a garage, you have to get up even earlier to allow time to get all that ice and snow off your car.

Now, I’ve seen some people just clear a 10” circle on the driver’s side of the windshield. Doing that is dangerous for a couple of reasons.

The driver can’t see things behind or beside him. How can you change lanes safely if you can’t see if there is someone beside you? At intersections, you can’t clearly see if a car is coming from either side direction.

As you drive, the snow and ice blows off and hits the car behind you causing problems for them. Did you know it is against the law to drive with snow and ice on your car in some states?

  • It is important to clean off all of your windows and the side view mirrors.
  • Be kind to other drivers and remove the snow from the roof of your car as well.
  • Make sure to clear the snow off your headlights and taillights so other people can see you.
  • Don’t forget the license plate. In some states it is illegal to drive with the license plate covered up in any way.

Another way to protect your car this winter is by having the right auto insurance. Give us a call to discuss your coverages.

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